Go out and vote!

No one in the country is immune to the effects of our crumbling economy. Everyone is hoping for a brighter future. With the 2018 elections approaching I’ve realised we need to have an important discussion. We as the youth of Zimbabwe need to be a part of the movement that will lead to a better Zimbabwe. Many of us are suffering from voter apathy – old and young. Voter apathy by definition is lack of caring among voters in an election. 
Your vote matters. With 2018 around the corner I encourage you to go out and do research on the candidates. Let’s not suffer the Americans’ fate. Be sure that no matter the outcome, you tried your best to make a change! It is better to have an “oh well” than a “what if”. You have been given the right to vote, a right that not many people have. Use this opportunity to make the most of it. I know many of you are unwilling to vote because you’re planning to leave the country. From experience we have seen that plans don’t always work out as intended. If God forbid, your plans to leave fail, wouldn’t you much rather have the leader of your choice in charge? 
Don’t only think of yourself – think of the fate of your family, your friends and the rest of the people of Zimbabwe.


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