Knowing your self worth

I’ve never needed validation from anyone. I’ve always believed that if I love myself, that’s enough. If someone else’s opinion of me doesn’t stop the sun from rising and setting then it shouldn’t affect me. 
Apparently that makes me stuck up. Knowing my worth and adding tax to it might make me unlikeable. Some in society would rather I get by life by feeding on their compliments. Some people want your self image to depend on what they tell you. They want you to crave their opinions and approval.
I’m tired of listening to people saying they deleted their pictures because they failed to get to 100 likes. Heck if you like the picture post it! Post it again if it’s that good. Out of those 100 people, how many have your back? A handful? If you’re like me you can probably count all your “ride or dies” on one hand. What are the other 95? Irrelevant!
I’ve been told I walk around with an air of confidence. Some people think it shows arrogance. It’s far from that! Would you rather I walk around like I’m about to be swallowed by the ground? I’m sorry if my self love stifles you but it’s not going to go away and neither are you.
The notion of self love is always misunderstood. My shining light doesn’t stop your light from shining. Don’t let your light flicker! Don’t let it brighten when your post is filled with comments and dim when you receive slightly less compliments than you think society accepts. The reality is some of the people commenting on your picture are the same people sharing it with their friends to mock it. 
Your dependence on their approval will be the same cause of your downfall. You need to learn to strengthen your heart and your mind. You need to drown in positivity every morning. If you think (know) you look good, don’t be afraid to say “Damn I look good today!” Make positive reaffirmations. Enough of this “hey Bwalya, do I look ok in this?” There’s a chance Bwalya won’t tell you the truth because she/he thinks you’ll dim their light. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes you will need a pair of external eyes. Some Bwalyas will have your back and others won’t. C’est la vie.
Be confident! Be you and do you!