Is the word wife synonymous with slave? Is it really a man’s world?

I live in a country where the majority of the women are still viewed and treated as being the lesser being. Inferior! Are we as people of a modern world not supposed to be moving away from these oppressive tendencies? Is gender equality a myth? Will I ever see equality during my lifetime? It saddens me that some women are still expected to serve their partners. In most households wives are expected to cater for their husbands – cook, clean and submit even when they are primary bread winners. Why can’t we do that for each other? Is marriage not supposed to be an equal partnership? This kind of outdated thinking is what discourages many young women like myself from considering marriage as we fear that we might be expected to be submissive wives. Even today in churches when the vows are being said the woman always has to say words along the lines of “I will promise to submit to you my husband.” Submission is fine if it’s a two way thing. However, that’s hardly ever the case. It amuses me that some men and some women will go out of their way to choose Bible verses that suit their personal beliefs and practice selective Christianity. If we really want to use the Bible to defend our points then men should love their wives as much as Christ loved the church because as far as I’m concerned that amount of love is unfathomable. With such an over flowing pool of love, men would not treat their wives like servants. It breaks my heart to see women that work against the emancipation of women instead of for it. I can’t wait for the day when we as women can stand united and say no to this mistreatment. Most women have had it engraved in their minds from childhood that they have to be subservient to a man. They learn from what they see and experience growing up and what they are told is their role in life. Most are raised to believe that if they are unable to cook, clean and do “feminine” chores then they have nothing to bring to the table and no man shall want them. What happened to offering yourself? Does my lack of skill in the kitchen make me any less of a person? Does it take away my intelligence? Does it take away my personality? Does it take away my femininity? Does it make me less of a woman? The answer to all these questions is no!
I struggle to understand why as women, with the same or greater abilities than men should not be given the same opportunities as men but instead in most cases be restricted in the roles that are predetermined by society. I’d look on as our very hard working house keeper, who worked all day, would be expected to still go home to cook and clean after her children and her husband who would have been home the whole day as he was unemployed. What’s sad is I could see that she was grooming her daughter for the same roles instead of grooming her sons as well.
The problem starts from home! It’s what we teach our daughters; it’s what our sons observe from home. It is what the schools teach our daughters. Girls are forced to do “feminine” subjects and courses like Food and Nutrition, Fashion and Fabrics, Child development and Art. There are girls that might want to do practical courses that are traditionally considered “masculine” and vice versa! It’s like they are preparing the perfect stay at home wife. They want us to be able to cook for our husbands, mend his clothes, nurse our children and then maybe in our free time we can draw a picture or two. It should be a choice. If a woman happens to like cleaning and cooking so be it but don’t make it mandatory. We should be allowed to be who we want to be – home makers, astronauts, engineers, farmers, actuaries, anything we are able to achieve, the possibilities are infinite.
Don’t limit your daughters, sister, wives or other women in your life. You’ll be amazed of what we are capable of given the chance. Allow them the freedom to choose. If you’re going to teach your daughter to cook, teach your son as well. I can’t imagine being a mother to a child that’s being belittled by man. Think of your child’s happiness. Make a change. Lastly ask yourself if the word wife is synonymous with slave.